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My professional path as a computer scientist


Stanford AI Course

How does an artificial intelligence actually work? I've always asked myself that and satisfied my thirst for knowledge with the online course on artificial intelligence at Stanford University. Over several months I learned a lot about neural networks, classification, unsupervised learning and much more.
And my learning path is not over yet.


Computer science studies with/at IBM

Since 2018 I have been studying applied computer science in cooperation with IBM in the Bachelor's degree program. This program is a mixture of theory blocks at the university and internships in the company. During these we are able to gain experience in different departments. Among other things, I have developed customer specific Proof of Concepts (POC) for AI technologies, automated various business processes in the cloud with the help of the in-house platform, developed software and worked in the consulting sector.



Complete redesign of the website of the municipality of Borkwalde including a content management system for content administration. Since then I work as a voluntary web administrator and maintain the site.


My First Paid Software Project

A school friend and I developed an online inventory system for our school. With a database in the backend and a web interface in the front so that everyone could use it easily.
The reward: A crate of Coca Cola :D


First steps

My first contact with Java, C# and HTML. After that I was hooked and I couldn't stop anymore.

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