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My professional path as a computer scientist


Master degree at IBM

After my successful bachelor's degree, I felt the urge to deepen my existing knowledge even further. Since I have always been interested in data and AI models, I decided to study applied data science.
I have been studying this in Hamburg since mid-2021 and continue to work at IBM as a Junior Consultant for Data & AI.


Stanford AI Course

How does an artificial intelligence actually work? I've always asked myself that and satisfied my thirst for knowledge with the online course on artificial intelligence at Stanford University. Over several months I learned a lot about neural networks, classification, unsupervised learning and much more.
And my learning path is not over yet.


Bachelor degree at IBM

Between 2018 and 2021, I studied applied computer science in cooperation with IBM in the Bachelor's degree. I alternated between theory at the university and practice, which allowed me to gain a lot of experience in various areas.
There, I was able to gain insights into the topics of AI, data science, automation, software development, but also project management and consulting.
I wrote my bachelor's thesis on the following topic from DataScience and graduated with a very good grade: Using Attention Techniques for Explainability of Deep Learning Models in Computer Vision.


My First Paid Software Project

A school friend and I developed an online inventory system for our school. With a database in the backend and a web interface in the front so that everyone could use it easily.
The reward: A crate of Coca Cola :D


First steps

My first contact with Java, C# and HTML. After that I was hooked and I couldn't stop anymore.

Major Projects

Projects I have developed in my spare time to educate myself and to help other people with them.

Public API and IoT Solution to prevent Forest Fires

Summer 2020

Due to the increased drought in recent years, extreme forest fires have become more frequent in the summer months and have become a burden for fire departments and residents. Since a large part of these fires are mainly caused by careless citizens, both my free API and the digital warning signs that were developed in cooperation with a local fire department have the goal to better inform the citizens and thereby prevent potential forest fires. The API obtains the data from official sources, prepares them and makes them available in a user-friendly way and free of charge.

The API has been used

times since its launch in June 2020.

ClaimReady Smartphone App

End of 2020

Comming soon!

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