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"You are one ride away from a good mood."

Sarah Bentley, British cyclist

Riding to free my mind

After a hard day at work, there's nothing better than taking a lap on my road bike to clear my head. When the weather is good, hundreds of kilometers a month can easily be covered there.

But I have also taken part in some biking competitions. In 2019 I successfully completed Albextrem, an extreme cycling marathon over a German mountain range. The goal: Cycle 165 km with 3000 meters of altitude difference in one day. That was not the biggest challenge, the competition day was of the hottest days of the year and we had 36 and more degrees Celsius in the shade, but finally, we reached the finish line after some hours of extreme cycling.

Explore the world by bike

Since I have been able to ride a bicycle, my parents have taken me on smaller and larger bicycle tours through Germany and parts of Europe. At the beginning it is still very unusual but with time I learned to love it. In 2017 after my school graduation, my first really big tour through several countries followed. My father and I went from Tallin along the Baltic Sea coast back to Germany. On 2500km we got to know many new people and cultures and drove through beautiful landscapes.

The nice thing about bike tours is that you are much slower than when you are driving a car and therefore you get much more in touch with the country and its people. But you are also so fast that you can experience something new every day.

In 2018 I took several weeks again to tackle a new goal: Cycle to the most northern point of Europe, the North Cape. My route led me on 3500 km through Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. Besides the really beautiful nature of Scandinavia, I also met many interesting people on my journey. At night I camped in the open nature and during the day I did a some hiking and visited interesting places.

In the next years I plan to explore many more countries with my bicycle, if you are interested in bicycle touring, please contact me, I am always looking for nice people to ride with!

Bicycle tours I cycled

Since summer 2017
# Tour Year Distance Color
1 Baltic coast 2017 ∼ 2500 km Green
2 North cap 2018 ∼ 3500 km Blue
3 German coasts 2019 ∼ 800 km Orange
4 Harz 2019 ∼ 300 km Red
5 Lake Konstanz 2021 ∼ 300 km Pink
6 Denmark 2021 ∼ 300 km Purple
6 West Europe / Atlantic Coast 2023 ∼ 2500 km Teal
7 South Sweden 2024 ∼ 450 km Brown

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